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Why IS Pros Limited?

Best-in-class reliability, performance and value

IS Pros Limited is among the few internet services providers in Bangladesh promoting Bangladesh hosting and hi-speed access for all since it's inception. We measure what we sell and enable our users to take part in our development. The Okla NetIndexof realtime data of Speedtests and IS Pros Data transfer graph between other internet service providers of Bangladesh is always an encouragement for us.

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We make it work!

In times of trouble, in times of struggle, we make take an extra step towards our customers to make it work for the clients, with patience and persistence!

IS Pros Limited Standard

Working everyday as a team in synergy to achieve competitive advantage in the following fields:

  • Innovation
  • Response to stake holders
  • Behavior & Warmth
  • Justice in billing, service, profit sharing and confidentiality
  • Respect and responsibility to country and people

We are connected to all major social networks and listening to customers feedback in as many ways possible. We believe that our work is a great respoinsiblity in making tomorrows infrastructure and creating value for our users is our only success.

Your business require more than just a server or Internet. We form partnerships!!